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The original landscape fabric that started it all. Easy to cut and install. This particular fabric starts out with a woven piece of fabric like the ground cover, and then the non woven (fuzzy) material is added. The non woven fabric’s only function is to increase water permeability. Heat sealing (melting) the edges prevents the fabric from fraying or unraveling. Since the fibers are synthetic and not natural, the material resists rotting and degradation. The black woven needle-punched fabric offers excellent strength and toughess with a high degree of UV resistance. Air and water flow through easily while weed growth is severely restricted. The black color prevents light penetration and the needle punching method of fabrication provides stability on slopes. Color stripes 12″ apart allow for easy plant spacing and alignment.

In most applications, the fabric should be placed fuzzy side down. This is especially true if weed control and soil stabilization are the primary goals. If mulch is to be used over the top of the fabric, place the fuzzy side up to help “hold” onto the mulch.

Specification Sheet 4.1 oz Specification Sheet 4.8 oz Specification Sheet

Stronghold WNP410

4.1 oz fabric.  20-year material. Green stripes every 12″

Retail Cases:

SKUDescriptionRolls per CaseCase Weight
WNP43503 ft x 50 ft2098 lb
WNP431003 ft x 100 ft1098 lb
WNP441004 ft x 100 ft10126 lb

 Bulk Rolls:

Specification Sheet

SKUDescriptionWeightSquare Yards
WNP432503 ft x 250 ft25 lb83.33
WNP442504 ft x 250 ft32 lb111.11
WNP452505 ft x 250 ft39 lb138.88
WNP46250 6 ft x 250 ft50 lb166.66
WNP482508 ft x 250 ft64 lb222.22
WNP41225012 ft x 250 ft100 lb333.33

Stronghold WNP475

4.75 oz fabric. Purple stripes every 12″

Bulk Rolls:

SKUDescriptionWeightSquare Yards
WNP532503 ft x 250 ft28 lb83.33
WNP4542504 ft x 250 ft35 lb111.11
WNP552505 ft x 250 ft42 lb138.88
WNP56250 6 ft x 250 ft49 lb166.66
WNP582508 ft x 250 ft70 lb222.22
WNP51225012 ft x 250 ft104 lb333.33

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