Excelsior Erosion Blankets

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Erosion blankets are made of Aspen wood fibers that cling to the soil. These blankets break up heavy rainfall, which helps reduce sediment run-off. The R-1 blanket is covered with a top photodegradable plastic net with fibers evenly distributed over the entire area of the blanket. The S-2 blanket has both a top and a bottom photodegradable plastic net. It can handle flow rates up to 7’ per second and slopes up to a 1:1. The SD-3 has heavy-duty plastic netting encased around the Aspen fibers’ top, bottom, and edges. The SD-3 blanket can handle slope angles greater than 1:1 and water velocities up to 12’ per second.

Size: 8′ x 90′

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