Flood Protection Kit

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Here’s a new innovative idea for the home owner. The emergency flood protection kit, a simple solution for the home or business owner to help protect property against damage caused by flooding. This kit, along with a pack of 50 sand bags, are a must for every home, business, and building against the threat of heavy rains and flooding.

Our Emergency Flood Protection Kit, is easy to use with no assemble needed.

The Kit consists of:

  • (1) Flood Protection Barrier bag
  • (15) sandbags
  • (1) heavy duty poly sheeting

Instructions for use:

  • Open Package
  • Unfold the poly sheeting and place over the front of doorway/ entrance way
  • Unfold the Flood barrier bag and place it on top of the Poly sheet
  • Fill sand bags with sand or dirt
  • Place 3 x sand bags, length way, into the Flood Barrier bag, to secure it in place
  • Place a sand bag at each end of the poly sheet to secure each end
  • Depending on flooding potential, place another 1,2 or 3 tiers of sand bags inside the Flood barrier bag
  • making a total of 3 x sand bags – 4 high (12 bags) total inside the Flood protection bag

Sandbag 50 Kit:

Sandbags are always useful. They protect, they control and they’re always needed when you don’t have them handy. The perfect handy pack of 50 qty., 14 x 26 sandbags with ties, 1600hr UV protection. Keep handy in your garage, on the job on your truck.

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