Silt Control

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Silt fence fabrics offer a unique blend of UV resistance, strength, and hydraulic properties that make them ideal for use in sediment control applications. Once fastened to wood posts and properly installed, silt fence geotextiles assist to control sediment-laden runoff from disturbed areas. These fabrics help contain overland flow and suspended soil particles from water, preventing environmental damage to areas adjacent to construction sites. We also offer Wire backed silt fence for heavy sediment flows.

Silt Fence Products

Item CodeDescriptionSizeWeight
L-SLTWIREFAB42Wire Backed GA Silt Fence 42”42” x 100’50 lb
L-CSF10CCommercial Silt Fence 1.25 with 10’ Ct3’ x 100’30 lb
L-HDSF6CMedium Grade Silt Fence 1.5 with 10’ Ct3’ x 100’29 lb
L-HDSF8CHeavy Duty Silt Fence 1.5 with 8’ Ct3’ x 100’30 lb
L-OSF10COrange Silt Fence 1.5 with 10’ Ct3’ x 100’23 lb

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