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1. The VacQPack Pro Vacuum System

The VacQPack Pro is a turn-key vacuum system. Working parameters, such as depth of vacuum and pressure when flushing and creating a modified atmosphere (MAP), are guided by the processor.

Status of the process is shown on the touchscreen. For each commodity, the established parameters can be stored as a program.

The VacQPack Pro can be operated in automatic or manual mode.

2. The Sealing Device

The sealer is designed for smooth operation, guided by the frame to avoid human error. The sealer is suitable for sealing polyethylene, polypropylene, laminate and aluminum films.

3. The Forming Frame

A form frame is used to create packages that exactly fit sizes of pallets, you can also create a perfect square form.

4. VacQPack Bulk Bags & Liners

A. VacQPack Bulk Bag with a Glued-In Liner CLEAN, NEAT, PRESERVED PERFECTION. A bulk bag with an inside liner, with a strong oxygen barrier, provides excellence in packaging and preservation of goods

B. Outer Liner – For Bulk Bag TotesTHE PERFECT BULK BAG PACKAGE
VacQPack Liners are multi-layered, with seven (7) layers of barrier, with one layer consisting of a reinforced containment barrier. This liner is used to cover the entire exterior of a Bulk Bag or already packaged bulk commodity. The package is then processed, using the sealing/oxygen extraction/gas injection cycle, until a perfect atmospheric preservation condition is reached for the bag content.

C. Outer Liner — For 20kg BagsFOR STACKED BAGS
The VACQPACK liner can be applied to palletized bags.

Using a pallet inverter, a stacked pallet can be covered with a VACQPACK liner and then inverted. The entire pallet is sealed making for a neat and perfectly preserved palletized product package.

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