Excelsior Logs – Applications and Benefits

Compost Filter Sock

Our excelsior logs (AKA – compost filter socks) are knit or woven tube filled with a blend of compost and/or wood chips. They can be manufactured in custom diameters and lengths. The logs can have additives put in the compost to capture special types of pollutants (talk to one of our sales representatives about any special requests you may have with the product).

Product Applications

Our excelsior logs are primarily used to filter suspended sediment and filter pollutants in rainwater runoff.

  • Can be used as an alternative to silt fence, which does not filter like a compost filter sock.
  • Offers mechanical filtration of rainwater runoff, which removes pollutants like:
    • Petroleum Hydrocarbons
    • Heavy Metals
    • Phosphorus
    • (in some cases) Bacteria
  • Offers perimeter sediment control
  • Provides energy dissipation of sheet and concentrated stormwater flow, thereby reducing soil erosion
    and habitat destruction
  • Can be used as storm drain and curb storm inlet protection

Wattles & Logs

Who Uses Excelsior Logs?

  • Site work contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Home builders


Q: Does it require a trench?
A: No.

Q: Is it easy to remove?
A: Yes, just cut it open with a knife let the compost come out and discard the sock.

Q: Do they have to be manufactured on site?
A: Our excelsior logs can be manufactured on site, or they can be pre-assembled and shipped on a pallet.

How to Install an Excelsior Log

  1. The surface should be prepared by mowing grass or making soil or paved surfaces smooth.
  2. Excelsior logs should be placed perpendicular to stormwater flow, across the slope, swale, ditch, or channel.
  3. Stakes should be driven through the center of the excelsior log and installed a minimum of 8 inches into the existing soil, leaving a minimum stake height of 2 inches above the excelsior log.
  4. Excelsior logs may be installed on top of any erosion control blanket.

Why Our Product is Better

Our excelsior logs have a 50% higher flow rate than silt fence, without a reduction in sediment removal efficiency. Also, we offer them in a variety of custom diameters and lengths.

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