Filling Bulk Bags

Bulk Bag Loading Options

Cherokee offers bulk bags for a variety of industries and purposes. Though, beyond selling bags to our customers, we also like to provide resources for using our products.

Here we will look at several ways you can fill bulk bags quickly and efficiently. Our goal in providing this information is for our customers to be able to use our products safely and effectively.

1. Filler Bucket for Loaders

When filling bulk bags with materials like sand, stone, topsoil, and other minerals you can save a large amount of time using a filler bucket attachment. These filling buckets attach to loaders, telehandlers, track machines, and more. Filler buckets easily scoop up, transport, and fill bulks bags. These can be operated by one person, which makes them ideal for farmers, grain merchants, and quarry workers. It has a ram-operated opening and hooks that hold the bag in place while filling.

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3. Bulk Bag Filling Frame

Another option to fill bulk bags is to use a stationary filling frame. These filling frames or stationary filling stations provide a stable and safe solution for loading material in the bag. This helps reduce labor injuries, requires no power, and allows you to utilize existing loading equipment you have on your heavy machinery. Filling frames are a cost-effective solution, and they greatly reduce spillage during the filling process.

4. Automated Filling Systems

Automated filling systems are the most expensive solution for filling bulk bags but are capable of filling the greatest amount of product in the least amount of time. Automated filling systems are often custom manufactured, but there are pre-built systems available to fill large amounts of bulk bags in a process. These save time by removing many of the manual steps required to fill bulk bags. They also offer additional options to reduce the dust mess that can be associated with the dumping of some goods. These are a great option for larger operations that fill a large amount of bulk bags on a consistent basis.

Our Recommendation: Filler Bucket for Loaders

While there are many options for filling bulk bags, we recommend filling bulk bags with the loader attachment for most applications. A loader with our BuckRake Bagging Bucket is more versatile than all of the other options for filling bulk bags.

  • A bulk bag filler attached to a loader can get to more difficult-to-reach places than a forklift attachment.
  • The bulk bag filling attachment is a faster way to move the bulk bag than an immobile filling frame.
  • Finally, a bulk bag filling attachment costs far less than manufacturing an entire filling system.

For these reasons we recommend the BuckRake Bagging Bucket, which can be purchased through Cherokee Manufacturing.

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