How to Harvest Shade Trees for Replanting

Properly harvesting shade trees

Disclaimer – This article is a general how to use our products and is not intended to be the only way to harvest trees for replanting.

Keeping trees alive and well during transport

When harvesting shade trees you can increase the chances of a tree surviving transport by using the proper techniques. In this article we will show you how to use our Wire Baskets, Burlap, and Sisal Twine to properly prep your shade trees for transport.

Step 1 – Tree Extraction

First, you will center your tree spade on the base of the tree trunk and slowly insert each blade into the soil. With the base of the tree spade on the ground and all spades fully inserted into the soil, lift the tree out of the ground. 

Step 2 – Prep the Tree for the Wire Basket

With the tree still in the tree spade and lifted above the ground, cut off any large roots outside of the tree ball. Now place the wire basket with burlap underneath the tree and carefully lower it into the wire basket. Make sure the burlap doesn’t shift out of place during this step. Then retract each blade of the tree spade, leaving the tree in the wire basket. You may now open the gate of the tree spade and back the machine away from the tree.

Step 3 – Remove Loose Soil from the Tree Ball

Shave the excess soil from the top of the tree ball, down to the first lateral root. This will also remove most weeds and debris, so the shade tree will be ready to plant for the customer.

Using wire baskets for tree harvesting

Step 4 – Wrap and Staple the Tree Ball in Burlap

Fold the Burlap around the trunk of the tree and securely staple the excess burlap.

Step 5 – Star Tie the Wire Basket with Sisal Twine

Using a 3-Ply Sisal Twine you star tie through the ends of the wire basket. Tie the ends as tightly as possible for greater stability.

Tying wire tree baskets

Step 6 – Crimp the Wire Basket

The then crimp the wire basket using a Crimping Tool. This helps prevent the tree ball from loosening during transport. This is also where our Cherokee Wire Baskets stand out, as we use a high quality steel and proper welds to ensure our baskets break as little as possible.

Crimping wire baskets

Step 7 – Final Prep for Transporting the Tree

Using 1-Ply Sisal Twine tie together the tree top, also tie on a white fabric tree guard. This is the final step to make sure your tree will be protected during the transport process.

Prepping trees for transport

You’re Done!

This is the process you can take to make sure your trees are ready to provide beauty, shade and oxygen for all to enjoy!


See the tree harvesting in action

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