Burlap Rolls

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Burlap Rolls


Cut your burlap to the size you need. Use for other applications as well in both landscape and construction projects. Excellent tree/shrub windbreak and seasonal protection. Available as standard weight in both treated and plain fabric and 100 or 250 yd lengths.

Burlap Rolls:

Regular 100 ft SKU Treated 100 ft SKU Regular 250 ft SKU Treated 250 ft SKU Burlap Width Qty per Pallet
RO-307P RO-307T RO-307P250 RO-307T250 30″ 6
RO-367P RO-367T RO-367P250 RO-367T250 36″ 6
RO-407P RO-407T RO-407P250 RO-407T250 40″ 6
RO-457P RO-457T RO-457P250 RO-457T250 45″ 5
RO-487P RO-487T RO-487P250 RO-487T250 48″ 5
RO-547P RO-547T RO-547P250 RO-547T250 54″ 5
RO-607P RO-607T RO-607P250 RO-607T250 60″ 5
RO-727P RO-727T RO-727P250 RO-727T250 72″ 5


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