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Excelsior Logs consist of a machine produced high-altitude Rocky Mountain Aspen excelsior matrix confined by a synthetic, tubular net to form a log of specific length, mass and diameter. Logs are designed to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment-laden flow in channels and on slopes. The logs are flexible, to conform to soil surfaces, and are secured by staking to create a temporary water-permeable structure.

Once in place, the Logs provide fast, efficient filtration that offers superior flow interception, filtration and containment properties. They are specifically engineered to be used on slopes to minimize displacement of in-situ sediments, in channels, as small check dams, and to restrict sediment-laden flow from inlets. 100% biodegradable and custom lengths are available.

In general, the logs provide better filtering of runoff waters, prevent check dam blowouts, protect water from going around check dams, prevent spread of non-native vegetation and are generally easier to handle and install than straw bales.

Excelsior Wattles:

EXCW925 9′ x 25′
EXCW1210 12′ x 10′

Weighted Excelsior Wattles:

WXCWW910 9′ x 10′


Compost Filter Sock

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