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Bulk Excelsior Netting

Biodegradable erosion control excelsior netting is designed to actually promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed while protecting topsoil from wind and water erosion. Wet curled excelsior fibers slightly expand in thickness and interlock to form a strong, fiber matrix and creating a built-in swell factor. This allows the fibers to have close contact with the area it is placed upon. Basically, the mat clings to the soil with “barbed” fibers to reduce soil loss and strengthen the foundation. Water flow tends to follow the curled fibers while the roughness of the curled excelsior slows the water flow speed to a point where gravity takes over. This allows moisture to slowly seep into the topsoil instead of running off and creating erosion complications.

The top of each blanket is covered with photo-degradable or biodegradable netting. The blankets are naturally seed-free and contain no chemical additives. Aspen wood fibers are a renewable resource and act as mulch providing nutrients to the soil during breakdown. The fibers can be either natural or dyed green for instant color.

SKU Size Color Weight Square Yards
EXC-180′ 4′ x 180′ Natural 65 lb 80
EXC-90′ 8′ x 90′ Natural 65 lb 80
EXC4180 4′ x 180′ Green 65 lb 80
EXCG890 4′ x 180′ Green 65 lb 80
EXC8112.5 8′ x 112.5′ Double Poly Net   100
EXC8562D 8′ x 562.5′ Double Poly Net   500
EXC8101DN 8′ x 101′ Double Natural Net   90
EXC8550DN 8′ x 550′ Double Natural Net   488.88
EXC890NF 8′ x 90′ Net Free   80

Don’t forget the Grass Seed, Fertilizer, and Sod Staples

Commonly asked questions:

What is excelsior netting used for?

Excelsior netting is intended to safeguard topsoil from water and wind erosion while also promoting the perfect growth environment for grass seed. Wet curled excelsior fibers increase slightly in-depth and connect to form a robust fiber matrix with a built-in swell.

Who uses excelsior netting?

Many industries use excelsior netting, particularly landscaping and road construction businesses and contractors working on residential, industrial, and commercial developments. They’ve also been used to improve drainage and waterways, and even landfill operators use them.

Is excelsior biodegradable?

The barbing property of the curled excelsior fibers allows the fibers to intertwine and provide exceptional packing and padding characteristics not present in other forms of packaging materials. Excelsior is also biodegradable, making it a reliable product for the environment.

How do you use landscape netting?

Landscape netting will help in the most vulnerable situations. You just lay the fabric or mesh over the exposed area after prepping the seedbed and planting the seeds. Begin at one end and roll it out equally, securing it with soil staples or stakes.

How do you install excelsior netting?

Erosion control netting comes in rolls that you unfold and trim to fit on the slope. Instead of rolling side to side on the hill, the net should roll from top to bottom. To keep dirt from seeping through the seams, the edges of each netting strip must overhang the preceding strip by about 6 inches.  

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