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Cherokee’s Frost / Winter Protection Blankets are one of the most cost effective ways to protect your plants from frost damage. With proper care these polypropylene blankets will last for several seasons. Water and air easily passes through and the white color enables you to leave the blankets on during an unseasonably warm day. The degree of protection depends on the weight of the blanket you choose. All blankets are 15 ft x 300 ft.

SKU Description Weight Square Yards
WP15300 Light-Weight: offers 6-8 degrees of protection 75 500
WP315300 Medium-weight: offers 8-12 degrees of protection 110 500
WPH15300 Heavy-Weight: offers 12-16 degrees of protection 200 500

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Marshall Testimonial

"We have used Cherokee fabric for the last 2 seasons. We got a great price, on time delivery, and received an excellent product!" - Marshall County Conservation District