Silt Fence

Silt Fence


Bulk Silt FenceSilt fence prevents sediments carried by sheet water flow from leaving the site  and entering natural drainage ways or storm drainage systems by slowing storm water run-off. Cherokee Manufacturing offers a wide variety of high quality woven geotextile silt fence fabrics in easily manageable 100 ft rolls. Custom converting is also available.

Choose from a variety of styles and specifications to meet your needs. Our Landscaper, Professional and Orange series are perfect for the non-spec market. Our Mono/Mono series will meet or exceed most DOT  specifications. We also supply field fence to use as a silt fence backing for silt added strength.

Comparison Chart


160 Landscaper Series:

SKU Description Stakes Weight
BULKSFEG3 36″ Master Roll  –
36″ Converted
SFEG311 3′ x 100′ (11) 1.25″ 32 lb
SFEG313 3′ x 100′ (13) 1.25″ 37 lb

310 Professional Series:

SKU Description Stakes Weight
BULKSFPG3 36″ Master Roll  –
36″ Converted
BULKSFPG4 48″ Master Roll
48″ Converted
SFPG311 3′ x 100′ (11) 1.25″ 33 lb
SFPG313 3′ x 100′ (13) 1.25″ 38 lb

180 Orange Series:

SKU Description Stakes
BULK O SF 36″ Master Roll  –
36″ Converted
3′ x 100′ (11) 1.25″
3′ x 100′ (13) 1.25″

Meets DOT Specifications:

620 Mono/Mono Series:

SKU Description
BULKSF36″MM 36″ Master Roll
36″ Converted

Field Fence:

For use as a backing for silt fence for added strength:

SKU Description
HW-32″ 32″ x 330′ field fence
36″ Converted


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