Stronghold™ Landscape Fabric – Premium (100′)

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Stronghold™ Landscape Fabric - Premium 3'x100'

Stronghold™ Landscape Fabric is a game-changer for landscapers, stores specializing in landscape products, and nurseries that deal in bulk quantities. This premium fabric, part of Cherokee Manufacturing’s esteemed “Stronghold™” product line, is designed for annual and permanent landscape areas. With generous dimensions of 3′ x 100′ (0.91m x 30.4m), it perfectly complements materials like wood shavings, mulch, straw, and pea gravel.


  • Size: Generous 3′ x 100′ dimensions (0.91m x 30.4m)
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for annual and permanent landscape areas
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with wood shavings, mulch, straw, and pea gravel


  • Weed Control: Effectively prevents weed growth without the need for harmful chemicals
  • Plant-Friendly: Allows crucial air and water to permeate, nurturing your plants’ health

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