Truncated-Short (closed-bottom, 22 degree) Wire Tree Basket

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truncated-short wire tree basket


These baskets feature a lower side angle of 22 degrees when compared to the modified or cone style basket. This is especially useful in clay-type soils. Truncated short baskets are just as described – shorter in height than the standard truncated basket. The choice of a shorter basket is often based on the user’s personal preference and individual digging style. Spade models which typically use this style are Caretree Truncated, Dutchman Truncated and Bobcat Truncated. These baskets are usually specified in the closed-bottom form although open-bottom baskets can be customized upon request. Baskets are typically available in heavy weight wire gauge.

SKU Top Ring Bottom Ring Basket Height RIngs Longs Burlap Square Liner Size Qty / Bundle Pallet Qty
CBTS-18G 18″ 12″ 9″ 3 4 40″ 30×30 25 1600
CBTS-20G 20″ 14″ 9″ 3 4 40″ 30×30 25 1000
CBTS-22G 22″ 16″ 11″ 3 5 48″ 36×36 25 700
CBTS-24G 24″ 16″ 11″ 3 5 54″ 36×40 25 700
CBTS-26G 26″ 17″ 12″ 3 5 60″ 45×45 15 720
CBTS-28G 28″ 18″ 13.5″ 4 5 60″ 45×45 15 450
CBTS-30G 30″ 19″ 13.5″ 4 5 66″ 45×50 15 450
CBTS-32G 32″ 22″ 15″ 4 5 66/72″ 48×50 15 270
CBTS-34G 34″ 21.5″ 13.5″ 4 5 66/72″ 54×50 15 270
CBTS-36G 36″ 22″ 18″ 4 5 72″ 54×54 10 280
CBTS-40G 40″ 25″ 18″ 4 5 72″ 60×60 10 120

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Commonly asked questions:

Should wire baskets be removed when planting trees?

It’s okay to leave the wire basket around the root ball. In fact, leaving the wire basket and burlap around the root ball will increase transplant success and minimize staking. Though you should remove any rope across the top of the root ball, cut back the burlap on the top of the rootball, and then bend back or remove basket loops. To ensure proper growth you must use a correctly sized wire tree basket from the beginning.

Should I leave the burlap on when planting trees?

You don’t need to remove the burlap from the root ball. Just like the answer above you can remove (cut back) the burlap from the top of the root ball and leave the rest intact.

Should you break up the root ball when planting?

You should leave the root ball intact. Make sure the roots are NOT circling, otherwise, they need to be cut with a razor knife prior to planting to ensure proper growth.

How do I remove a wire basket from a tree?

If you are required to remove the wire basket, first cut away the bottom half of the basket leaving the top half intact. Place the tree into the planting hole and fill in around the root ball with enough soil to stabilize the tree. Remove the top half of the basket and backfill to complete the planting job.

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