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Cherokee manufacturing offers a couple of great selections when it comes to bags for flood control. In addition, we offer poly/water barriers to provide maximum protection against flood waters. Choose between two different types:

  • Bulk bags- Great for extreme weather situations.

  • Sandbags- For emergency flood prevention.

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Bulk Bags for

Flood Control

In extreme weather situations, it goes without saying that you need the right materials to ensure you are able to act fast to minimize risks to people and property. Bulk bags are increasingly recognized as an effective way to:

  • Control floodwaters in emergency situations
  • Construct temporary dams
  • Prevent water from reaching your home or business

The design of our bulk bags saves time and allows you to deploy your labor force to where it’s most needed. When empty, the bags weigh less than 2kgs each, so when folded, they require little space for storage.

Sandbags to

Stop Flooding

Sandbags are used for emergency flood prevention, for example, when rivers are in danger of breaking their banks. They can also be used effectively as foundations for any water level control structure.
Due to the size of the bags and the weight of sand each one can hold, they can be positioned to interlock, like brickwork, creating a skillfully created and reliable solution.

Durable, convenient, and easy to store, they can block strong flows of water and handle large volumes of coarse to medium silt (.05 to .02 mm in size).

Other Cherokee

Flood Control Products

The BuckRake Bulk Bag Filling Bucket is the ultimate time-saving attachment for filling bulk bags in busy landscape supply yards or excavation/flood sites. This bulk bag filler can be set up to be used on loaders, skid steers, telehandlers, or excavators depending on your application.

When constructing significant flood barriers, it’s essential to close the small gaps that can sometimes occur between bulk bags or sandbags. Cherokee Manufacturing’s Poly/Water is a black, 6ml plastic barrier used to create an effective watertight membrane and vapor barrier in emergency flood control environments.


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