Non-Woven Road Stabilization Fabrics

For the creation of roadways that will last, non-woven stabilization fabric is a necessity. Non-woven road stabilization fabric is a road fabric categorized by weight. It has felt-like in appearance and texture.

  • The road fabric is manufactured by using a technique called needle punching which makes them more porous and aids in the filtration process.

  • Non-woven stabilization fabric is an excellent investment for any drainage or separation project.

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Road Stabilization Fabric

This stabilization fabric is used in many different civil and environmental uses to ensure a dependable foundation below a specific area. It offers an ideal resolution for separation, cushioning, drainage, and other road repairs and construction efforts due to the excessive amount of permeability.

The non-woven fabric has this permeability because there is a three-dimensional pore structure. Non-woven stabilization fabric resists ultraviolet deterioration as well as biological degradation. To decide what is best for your project, it would be based on the weight needed to secure the job.

Non-Woven Geotextile


Stronghold NW6

This form of non-woven road fabric is a lightweight fabric and is slightly lower in strength. However, it has increased permeability levels, which makes this a perfect choice for both French and street drains. The needle-punched exterior of the stabilization fabric aids in filtration.

Stronghold NW8

This is a medium-strength option of the non-woven stabilization fabric. It is used more in long-term projects that need extra strength. Also, if your project needs resistance from high ultraviolet light or rotting prevention.

Stronghold NW10

A superior strength non-woven road fabric is used during road repair or road construction. It efficiently filters the water and keeps all areas stable during the process. The non-woven stabilization fabric is strong enough to withstand the stresses of construction and the installation process.



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