Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Today's oil and gas industry faces many challenges. In addition to the daily production issues, there's always the notion that the public is concerned about the environmental impact of oil recovery methods.

  • With their proven ability to contain hazardous materials and leakages, geosynthetic clay liners are an invaluable part of your organization's response.

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Proven provider of

Geosynthetic Clay Liners

If you're looking for a supplier of GCLs, with a proven track record in the petroleum industry, look no further. At Cherokee Manufacturing, we supply only the top quality GCLs, for use as primary or secondary barriers for:

  • Containment
  • Storage of fluids
  • Runoff control
  • Remediation covers
  • Landfill liners and covers
  • Creation of engineered wetlands

GCLs provide a self-sealing clay barrier, saving you valuable time and unnecessary costs for frequent maintenance. Also, since these amazing products are unaffected by extreme variations in temperature, they function perfectly no matter where they're used.

We at Cherokee Manufacturing provide products that the consumer can benefit from. We solve the problem before there ever is one. So, our GCLs are easy to install and are also effective on uneven terrain and other difficult sites.

GCLs – A Primary or Secondary Barrier for the

Best Containment

Protecting the soil, the ground, and surface water, a GCL is the most effective way to ensure that your installations' environmental impact is minimized. A geosynthetic clay liner provides exceptional protection for any area at risk of contamination by petroleum products.

Unlike more traditional liners, GCL releases any gas or air trapped underneath due to geothermal activity. Resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions, their self-sealing properties mean that there's no concern about the risk of failure due to unfavorable operating or field conditions.

GCLs for

Storage Tanks

Over the last decade, over a million m2 of Geosynthetic Clay Layers have been used in petroleum storage tanks, proving that they're the most reliable and cost-effective barrier against accidental leaks. The last thing you want in a high-pressure working day is to deal with oil seeping from a damaged tank.

Whatever product you're storing, knowing that you have GCL as a secondary containment measure to protect against this kind of loss will give you the security you need. GCLs can be used for all tanks containing crude oil, aviation fuel, gasoline, diesel, MTBE, and many more!


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