Woven Road Stabilization Fabrics

If you’re building roadways that last you must include a woven road stabilization fabric. This will allow the roadway to drain properly, avoid unnecessary surface separation, and survive harsh climates much longer than traditional road construction methods.

  • This stabilization fabric is a high tensile strength layer that is placed to provide reinforcement for the road. It is plastic-like in appearance and provides drainage and filtration.

  • It is created by weaving narrow strips of film together, which helps prevent deformation when under pressure. This makes it the perfect option to be used under roads and throughout parking lots.

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Road Stabilization Fabric

Woven road fabric is a heavy-weight fabric designed to offer enforced strength, reliable performance, and stability. It also provides resistance to soil chemicals, insects, and mildew, so it is non-biodegradable, and it is resistant to UV rays as well.

Woven stabilization fabric is the most commonly used road fabric for aggregate separation, as well as road and ground stabilization. A lot of the attributes that this fabric provides is due to its polypropylene nature.


Woven Geotextile

As a stable chemical at a PH range of 2 to 13, polypropylene is the most durable polymer available to make woven stabilization fabric. This helps the road fabric be more beneficial for filtration since it allows water to pass through while restricting soil movement. Due to the effectiveness of keeping the soil in place, this is also beneficial for erosion control.


200# Tensile

Woven road stabilization fabric is measured by how resistant the material is to breaking under pressure. This is also known as tensile strength, which is the primary indicator of relative strength. 200# tensile road fabric is recommended for driveways, walkways, roads, and patios. It is approved for ODOT Type B and D.


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