Products for the Wreath Making Industry

As a professional wreath maker, you know that the strength of your wreath forms is important. They must keep their shape when decorated; you also need them to be available in the options that suit your business's needs.

  • Cherokee Manufacturing's high-quality Stronghold wreath forms are available, year-round, in a whole range of shapes and sizes.

  • Our wreath rings are made here in the USA.

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Single and Double Rail Clamp Forms for

Wreath Makers

You can rely on our heavy-duty maximum-strength galvanized wire and strong welds to produce durable forms that will keep their shape.

Our single rail clamp forms are available in sizes ranging from 6" to 30" in diameter. The 6" to 20" forms are available in bundles of 50, while the 24" model and 30" models come in bundles of 25 and 10, respectively.

Our double rail clamp forms come in 36", 48", 54" and even a massive 60" diameter. The 36" and 48" are available in bundles of 10, and the 54" and 60" can be ordered in bundles of 5.

Whether you prefer your forms painted or unpainted, we can supply them at any time of year. We ship to anywhere within the USA.

Double Rail Flat Forms for the

Wreath Making Industry

Double rail flat forms make it easy for the greenery and other ornamentation to lie flat, so they're an excellent option for hand tying. When you're decorating a spectacular commercial wreath, your customers expect it to look good for the entire lifetime of the display. So, you need to be confident that your forms are strong enough to keep their shape weight of your decorating materials.

Our double rail flat forms, constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel wire, are available in sizes ranging from 20" to a massive 72".

Specialty Wire Forms for the

Christmas Industry

Not every wreath has to be round! When your clients are looking for something more original and eye-catching, use our specialty wire forms to create variety in your designs and take them to the next level. These are constructed from maximum-strength galvanized steel, painted or unpainted, in whichever size you need.

Choose from:

  • 18" Swags, Bells, Hearts, Candy cones and Cross wires
  • 24" Candy cones, Grave blankets, Star wires, Cross wires
  • 27" Christmas trees
  • 30" Cross wires
  • 36" Mantles, Grave blankets
  • 48" Grave blankets


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