Geogrid – Applications and Benefits

Geogrid Application

Our Geogrid is made from a punched and drawn polypropylene netting (grid pattern) with square or rectangle openings. The standard width is 13.1’ wide, we have a variety of lengths, with custom widths available as well.

Product Applications

Our Geogrid products are primarily used to disperse wheel load over a large area of soft sub-grade soil in order to prevent rutting and potholes in the finished roadway.

  • Base reinforcement grid in road construction.
  • Reduces the amount of aggregate in a roadway section to obtain your desired load rating.
  • Can be used as working platforms.
  • Commonly used on:
    • Paved highways, secondary roads, haul roads.
    • Parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities.
    • Airport runways and taxiways.
    • Truck freight distribution centers and terminals.
    • Heavily loaded equipment yards at port, rail, intermodal, and industrial facilities.

Who Uses Geogrid?

  • Geogrid Roll Excavating contractors
  • Utility contractors


Q: How much overlap does there need to be at seams?
A: Typically from 12” to 18”, but it could more depending on the CBR (California Bearing Ratio) value of the sub-grade soil.

Q: Can we drive directly on the Geogrid?
A: No, you want to push aggregate on it before you drive a loaded vehicle on it.

How to Install Geogrid

  1. Prep your sub-grade and lay down the Geogrid and pin it with sod staples.
  2. Push aggregate on Geogrid being careful to only drive on the aggregate.

Why Our Product is Better

Our Geogrid is made from a high quality, punched and drawn polypropylene grid.  This polypropylene grid has a greater damage resistance during construction than our competitors.

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