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Bamboo Stakes


Top-quality, natural Tonkin bamboo stakes. Strong and uniform. Tonkin stakes are stronger than wood stakes of similar diameter and is the primary bamboo for staking plants. Characterized by a thick wall and smooth, fairly wide-spread nodes, the stakes are generally straight although there can be tapering from bottom to top.

In general, the diameter measurement is the thick end of the bamboo. Due to the taper, there generally is a smaller diameter measurement at the top of the cane. Bamboo can last up to 2 years in the ground, depending on conditions. Generally, the cane will rot off at the ground level. The portion above ground can last for many more years. It is naturally rot and pest resistant, adding to its durability and long life.

Over time and without treatment, the cane can lose its tan appearance and turn gray. Bamboo is easy to cut using a fine-tooth blade to prevent fraying. Bamboo can be split, often giving a fairly straight split from top to bottom. Wider diameter bamboo is generally easier to split than narrower diameter.

SKU Size MM Size Qty per Bundle
BN0206 2 ft x 1/4″ 6/8 1000
BN0208 2.5 ft x 3/8″ 8/10 500
BN0308 3 ft x 3/8″ 8/10 500
BN0408 4 ft x 3/8″ 8/10 500
BN0412 4 ft x 1/2″ 12/14 100
BN0512 5 ft x 1/2″ 12/14 100
BN0612 6 ft x 1/2″ 12/14 100
BN0618 6 ft x 3/4″ 18/20 100
BN0712 7 ft x 1/2″ 12/14 100
BN0718 7 ft x 3/4″ 18/20 100
BN0818 8 ft x 3/4″ 18/20 50
BN0824 8 ft x 1″ 26/28 50
BN01026 10 ft x 1″ 26/28 25
BN01032  10 ft x 1-3/8″ 30/35 25
BN01228 12 ft x 1-1/4″ 28/30 25
BN01230 12 ft x 1-3/8″ 30/35 25
BN01535 15 ft x 1-3/4″ 35/40 15

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Commonly asked questions:

What are bamboo stakes used for?

So long as it hasn’t been chemically treated, bamboo is possibly the most renowned natural resource for tree & garden staking to assist with tree or plant growth. This is thanks to bamboo’s rapid growth, which makes it a readily replenished crop, as well as its capacity to adapt to a wide range of temperatures and situations.

Who uses bamboo stakes?

Anyone in the agriculture or tree harvesting industries would benefit significantly from using our bamboo stakes to aid in the growth of their trees and plants.

Viticulturists and horticulturists have used stakes for ages, especially bamboo stakes since they were readily available. So, if you’re looking to go back to natural roots, this is the way to go.

What are the advantages of using bamboo stakes?

Bamboo tree stakes are becoming increasingly important due to their eco-friendliness and ease of usage. This versatile and long-lasting option can keep your trees & plants standing tall. Our stakes are made from high-quality bamboo and are dried in kilns to prevent splitting, moisture, and mold.

How long do bamboo stakes last?

Depending on the conditions, bamboo can last up to two years in the ground. In most cases, the cane will decay at ground level. The component of the structure that is above ground can last for several more years. It’s highly immune to rot and pests, which adds to its resilience and longevity.

How strong is bamboo?

Let’s compare bamboo materials to conventional construction materials to get a sense of their genuine capabilities. Bamboo has a tensile strength greater than several steel alloys. It also has a compressive strength more significant than many cement combinations.

Bamboo is inherently engineered for strength due to its unique composition. Unlike wood, it lacks rays and knots, enabling it to withstand more stress. Bamboo’s structural stability is enhanced by its sectional anatomy, both as a cane and microscopic fiber.

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