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Erosion Blue Curb Inlet Deflector


Bulk Inlet Protection The Bluebag was designed to meet a demand for a last defense against sediment laden water leaving construction sites and entering our waterways. To solve this problem, we designed an under the grate filter bag for storm drainage structures that would be effective in rapidly treating off site runoff, while not drastically prohibiting the flow of the drainage structure, and being easy to install and maintain. One of the largest challenges for inlet protection is making sure the BMP is properly maintained. We solved this by making the Bluebag with a steel frame that allows it to sit independently in the structure to allow for safe inspection, installation, and removal with no special equipment. We believe our Bluebag product will benefit your construction site erosion plan in the following ways:

Cost effectiveness

Made from more resilient materials than competitor products to allow more use cycles before needing to be discarded.


With a steel frame that allows the Bluebag to rest independently in the drainage structure, and a frame design that allows for foolproof installation, the Bluebag prevents failed installs and workplace incidents due to safety issues.

Superior Performance

Made from high flow monofilament textile that resists clogging, requiring less maintenance and preventing flooding issues. The Bluebag also incorporates a knit textile along the top with fully open corners to allow increased flow rate in the event of a major rain even.

Less Maintenance concern

With a fully under the grate design, the Bluebag eliminates the concern for ripping, snagging, or even worse, damage to the drain structure that is often associated with normal site conditions. Unlike competitive products that require a fabric flap above the grate in order to function, the bluebag is completely out of the way of any street side traffic and won’t cause sweepers or ice scrapers to snag it. Also with the steel frame, when the grate is removed, the bag stays safely in place and can be easily lifted by its straps or vacuumed out for maintenance.

American made and customizable

The Bluebag is proudly manufactured in the USA by Erosion Blue, a veteran owned business. As a result, product turnaround time is vastly shorter than many foreign made products, and any changing site conditions allow for custom manufacturing to fit a variety of site needs including grate sizes, and shapes.

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