Non-Woven Needle Punch Fabric

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Non-Woven Needle Punch Fabrics


Constructed of 100% polypropylene, this landscape fabric offers excellent water permeability allowing for a high level of water to easily pass through the fabric. Excellent for use in drainage and filtration applications. Nonwoven geotextile fabrics are produced by needle punching staple fibers in a random pattern to form a high strength, dimensionally stable fabric. The polypropylene fibers resist UV light deterioration and will not react with commonly found soil chemicals. The fabric is rot and mildew resistant, non-biodegradeable and resistant to insect and rodent damage. Since these geotextiles provide a combination of strength and filtration, they are commonly used in french drains, subsurface drains, asphalt overlay and as support under pavers and roads.  This lightweight fabric provides a long lasting, economical solution to many landscape applications.

Stronghold NW320

Retail Cases:

SKU Description Rolls per Case Case Weight
NW3350 3 ft x 50 ft 12 54 lb
NW33100 3 ft x 100 ft 6 54 lb

 Bulk Rolls:

SKU Description Weight Square Yards
NW3300 3 ft x 300 ft 24 lb 100
NW34300 4 ft x 300 ft 33 lb 133.33
NW35300 5 ft x 300 ft 40 lb 166.66
NW36300  6 ft x 300  ft 48 lb 200
NW38300 8 ft x 300 ft 66 lb 266.66
NW310300 10 ft x 300 ft 80 lb 333.33
NW312300 12 ft x 300 ft 90 lb 400
NW315300 15 ft x 300 ft 120 lb 500

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