Straw Blankets – Applications and Benefits


Our straw blankets come in 8’ or 16’ width rolls, many lengths are available and custom lengths are available as well. A core can be added to the center of the roll to be installed with equipment. Straw blankets are 100% biodegradable products and standard plastic netting products.

Product Applications

Our straw blankets are primarily used to reduce soil erosion in an effort to reduce suspended solids from entering waterways, which damages wildlife in rivers and streams.

  • Helps prevent soil erosion in disturbed areas on a job site
  • Promotes vegetation by retaining moisture in the soil
  • Slope stabilization
  • Support in channels
  • Land restoration projects
  • Slope or channel erosion control

Who Uses Straw Blankets?

  • Seeding contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Excavating contractors


Q: Do our straw blankets have grass seed in it?
A: No, this allows our customers greater flexibility to choose the seed appropriate for their region.

Q: How do you install the blanket?
A: See the simple steps below.

Q: How steep of a slope can the blanket be used on?
A: Single net up to 3 to 1 slope, double net up to 2 to 1 slope.

How to Install a Straw Blanket

  1. Start with conventional seeding – till soil and apply your grass seed.
  2. Apply the blanket on top of seeding.
  3. Secure the blanket with sod staples or biodegradable pins.

Why Our Product is Better

Our straw blankets are made from some of the most renewable resources on the planet. We have a secure source of straw supply. With complete control of the supply chain of straw we can ensure a sustainable supply of high quality product, because we won’t have a shortage of raw materials. Straw is a very renewable resource, and is high in nitrogen (unlike other blankets), which requires no additional nitrogen form the soil to begin to biodegrade.

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