Burlap Sand Bags

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Burlap Sand Bags have been used as a second defense for a long period of time in the construction industry (Burlap Sand Bags handle a heavy flow of water and filtrate particle sizes as small as coarse to medium silt .05 to .02 mm in size, depending on what material is put in the burlap sand bags). Bags come with burlap tie string and they are available in a Bale of 1000 bags.

Certificate of Compliance & Biodegradable (Burlap):

As a supplier of Burlap, we certify that the material supplied with meet or exceed the following physical specifications and also meets the requirements stated on Section 20-2 materials.


Fabric Weight8.9 to 10 Oz per Sq. ft.
Fabric StructureW11/F12
Bag Size14” X 26”, 18” X 30”
Packaging1000 Bags in a Bale

These Burlap Bags are made of Jute Fiber which is naturally grown.

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