About Cherokee

Cherokee Manufacturing has been in business since 1940 and we offer high quality erosion control products & nursery supplies. Our experience and successful history provide our customers peace of mind. You can rest assured that you will receive the best in dedicated customer service from a staff that takes as much pride in our future as we do in our past.


Capabilities of Cherokee Manufacturing

Cherokee MFG. LLC. is a diverse multinational company headquartered in the state of Minnesota, USA. with offices located in Calcutta, India, Ukraine, and in the USA.

We manufacture wire baskets for the harvesting of nursery trees for landscaping and wreath rings for the Christmas industry.

We maintain a fully staffed office in India that imports product from seven countries in Asia and Europe. Burlap, twine, bamboo and fiberglass tree stakes, fibc’s, agricultural bags, and geotextiles.

We have 10 warehouses located throughout the USA for the distribution of our products.



Cherokee Manufacturing is pleased to announce the recent merger of our company with the Acme MacKenzie Nursery Supply of Ohio, a division of Acme Bag Company, resulting in our new company, Cherokee Manufacturing LLC.

This new entity is now the largest manufacturer of wire baskets for the nursery industry in North America, and imports burlap and other products to support the horticultural grower. This significant step forward allows Cherokee to enhance its already high level of service while offering an expanded line of products.

Acme Bag continues to participate in the flexible packaging market on the west coast, servicing the agricultural, environmental and horticultural markets with an array of high-quality, imported products, sourced from leading manufacturers in their respective industries from around the world.

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