Orange Silt Fence

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Orange silt fence

is designed to be used where silt fence and orange warning fence need to be placed in the same location. The “Orange silt fence” can be used around electrical areas while construction is in progress, which will prevent silt run off into the road and finally into the storm drain. “Orange silt fence” is 3’ high × 100’ long and has a tensile strength of 100 lb. and lasts as long as
regular black silt fence.

  • Material: 100% Polypropylene
  • Features:
    • UV Stabilization
    • Orange color, Black color
    • Economical Type and D.O.T. Type
  • Fabric Weights: 55GSM, 65GSM, 70GSM, 100 GSM, D.O.T. 108GSM
  • Roll Width: Up to 6′ Roll
  • Roll Length: Up to 2750 yards
  • Packaging: Each roll is packed in a plastic clear bag.


PropertyTest MethodMinimum Average
Roll Value (English)
Minimum Average
Roll Value (Metric)
Grab TensileASTM D-4632100 x 100 lb0.445 x 0.445 kN
ElongationASTM D-463215% x 20%15% x 20%
Mullen BurstASTM D-3786250 psi1723 kPa
PunctureASTM D-483350 lb0.223 kN
Trap TearASTM D-453350 lb0.223 kN
UV Resistance @ 500 hoursASTM D-435580%80%
AOSASTM D-475120 – 50 sieve0.850 – 0.300 mm
PermittivityASTM D-44910.10 sec0.10 sec-1
Flow RateASTM D-44918 gal / min / fit325.6 l / min / m2

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