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Road Stabilization Fabric


The failure of an unpaved road system is often caused by the contamination of high strength aggregate materials by weaker subgrade materials. Introducing a geotextile into the system at the aggregate/subgrade interface can assist in maintaining the original aggregate thickness. In weak subgrade situations the geotextile must reinforce as well as separate. Woven Geotextiles are made from 100% polypropylene and comes with UV resistance and high tensile strength over 90 lbs and durability makes it a good choice for soil stabilization and soil separation. The Econo separation fabric is a permeable, woven, polypropylene Geotextile. It is designed for
applications where soil separation is the major function and strength is not a critical factor. Nonexposure to UV is specified. The 3.4-oz and 4.8 oz can be used for light and medium road traffic and permit air and water to pass through for proper soil absorption and prevent contamination of subgrade materials causing failure. Please call for sizes and availability.

Road Construction Products:

Item CodeDescriptionSizeUseWeight
L-GC123001510 Econo12’ x 300’Econo Soil Separation3 oz / 84 lb Roll
L-RCF4.812300202212’ x 300’Soil Stabilization4.8 oz / 124 lb Roll
L-RCF4.812360202212’ x 360’Soil Stabilization4.8 oz / 160 lb Roll
L-RCF6.36300650W6’ x 300’Soil Stabilization / Reinforcement6.3 oz / 86 lb Roll
L-RCF6.312300650W12’ x 300’Soil Stabilization / Reinforcement6.3 oz / 160 lb Roll

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