Woven & Non-Woven Ground Cover

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The woven and non-woven ground cover fabrics prevent weed growth and allow air to circulate. This way the soil is not soured and roots are protected from the spread of fungus and bacteria. The non-woven has high flow rates for areas that need rapid water movement from the growing material.

Specification: Woven Ground Cover 3.2oz

PropertyTest MethodMin. Average Roll Value
Grab Tensile StrengthASTM-D 4632110 lbs
Grab ElongationASTM-D 463215%
PunctureASTM-D 483340 lbs
CBR Puncture StrengthASTM-D 6241250 lbs
Trapezoidal TearASTM-D 453345 lbs
Mullen BurstASTM-D 3786125 psi
UV Resistance @ 500 hoursASTM-G 15470%
Apparent Opening Size AOSASTM-D 475140 sieve
PermittivityASTM-D 44910.05sec-1
Flow RateASTM-D 44914 gpm/ft2

Roll Sizes:

3’ x 300’21 lbs
4’ x 300’27 lbs
5’ x 300’43 lbs
12’ x 300’85 lbs

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