Stronghold™ Bonded Fiber Matrix (BMF)

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Stronghold BFM

Stronghold BFM is a hydraulic erosion control product derived from wood cellulose and the most robust agricultural fiber. This is a 100% natural organic material with no synthetic additives or dyes. This environmentally friendly biomass results in a product that requires less water consumption, less time to spray, and has better performance both in the tank and on the ground.


Application Instructions

Mixing Rate: 70 lbs per 100 gallons of water (Rate may vary depending on equipment and conditions)

Application Rate

  • Moderate to 3:1 Slopes: 2300 lb/Ac
  • 3:1 to 2:1 Slopes: 3500 lb/Ac
  • Greater than 2:1 Slopes: 4000 lb/Ac


  • The product is made of 100% biodegradable material
  • 25% or more of fibers average 0.4 inches long with a minimum of 50% retained on a No. 25 sieve
  • Contains 0% fertilizer or proprietary chemicals
  • Binder and cross-linked polymers do not dissolve or disperse upon resetting
  • Contains moisture content of 15% or less by weight in packaging
  • Functional longevity of six months or greater
  • Does not produce runoff that contributes to ecotoxicity (Mitigated toxicity in testing)
  • Holds 1049% moisture by weight


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