Burlap Bales

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Burlap Bales


Cherokee burlap is available as bales in 1000 or 2000 linear foot lengths. Regular or treated fabrication is available in both standard and heavy weights.

Width Heavy Plain SKU Standard Plain SKU Heavy Treated SKU Standard Treated SKU
36″ BALES 3610P BALES 367P BALES 3610T BALES 367T
40″ BALES 4010P BALES 407P BALES 4010T BALES 407T
45″ BALES 4510P BALES 457P” BALES 4510T BALES 457T
48″ BALES 4810P BALES 487P” BALES 4810T BALES 487T
54″ BALES 5410P BALES 547P” BALES 5410T BALES 547T
60″ BALES 6010P BALES 607P BALES 6010T BALES 607T
72″ BALES 7210P BALES 727P BALES 7210T BALES 727T
80″ BALES 8010P BALES 807P BALES 8010T BALES 807T
90″ BALES 9010P BALES 907P BALES 9010T BALES 907T


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