Burlap Sock

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Burlap Socks


Designed to save you time! Cut and sewn to fit Cherokee wire baskets. Available as heavy treated and standard treated. 250 pieces/bale.

Clegg Burlap Socks: Designed to fit the Cherokee Clegg wire basket

Fits Clegg Basket Heavy Treated Standard Treated Qty/Bale
20″ CS-20T CS-207T 250
22″ CS-22T CS-227T 250
24″ CS-24T CS-247T 250
28″ CS-28T CS-28T 250
32″ CS-32T CS-327T 250

Burlap Socks: Designed to fit the Cherokee wire basket
Available with or without drawstrings. Heavy treated only.

Fits Basket Heavy Treated-No Drawstring Heavy Treated with Drawsting Qty/Bale
24″ FS-24T FS-24TW/S 250
28″ FS-28T FS-28TW/S 250
32″ FS-32T FS-32TW/S 250
36″ FS-36T FS-36TW/S 250
40″ FS-40T FS-40TW/S 250
44″ FS-44T FS-44TW/S 250


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