FIBC Bulk Bags for Mineral Industry Use

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Cherokee Manufacturing offers the following bulk bag fabrications for Mineral Industry use and transport use:

Duffel or Spout Top/Spout Bottom
2250 lb, 2500 lb, 3000 lb Capacity:


38 x 38 x 53″
(24 wide x 24 long bottom spout)
– Calcium & Bentonite

35 x 35 x 45″ (Calcium Silica)

35 x 35 x 50″ (Rock/Sand)


Duffle or Spout Top/Plain Bottom
2250 lb, 2500 lb, 3300 lb Capacity:

35 x 35 x 35″
35 × 35 x 40″ (Dry Sand/Silica)
35 x 35 x 45″ (Calcium Silica)
35 x 35 x 50″ (Rock/Sand)


FBIC’s significantly improve labor force efficiency with their easy-fill and easy-empty characteristics. They eliminate the need to handle, slit and dispose of small 50 or 100 lb bags and will often empty directly into processing equipment. Most bulk bags empty with a minimum of dust and air contamination and save on storage space as they are totally collapsible. Since they are probably the least expensive means of packaging and transporting bulk products, FIBC’s cut costs considerably. The durable, tough industrial fabrics used in making bulk bags protects products and ensures safe storage and shipping.

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