Poly Twine and Rope

Poly Twine Rope


Poly twines are used in the nursery industry for several functions such as tying wire tree baskets, securing tree limbs for shipment, etc. Cherokee Poly Twines are designed for trouble free bundling and tying, offering superior strength and durability. They are uniform twines that are soft on the hands and hold knots tight. Extra strong and resists rot, mildew, moisture and most acids. Handy center-pull coil.

Available per 10 lb box. 4 boxes per case.

SKU Description Approx.
Tensile Strength
POLY235-G 1 ply green 235
POLY350 1 ply 350 325
POLY450 1 ply 450 255
POLY550 1 ply 550 210
POLY550-2 2 ply  2650 455
POLY550-3 3 ply  1800 680
POLY650 1 ply 650 180
POLY650-MEC Many Ends (50 ends) 650
POLY850 1 ply 850 135
POLY1050 1 ply 1050 110

Christmas Tree Baler Twine has a variety of uses in the nursery industry beyond baling trees for shipping. Light to medium-duty, forms tight, strong knots. Available in 5 lb rolls, 8 rolls/case.

SKU Description Approx.
Tensile Strength
POLY1500-G 1 ply green 1500 75
POLY1250 1 ply 1250 95

Hollow Braid Poly Tree Rope has good strength, is easy to splice and has excellent chemical resistance. This rope can be used as light duty pulling rope by electrical and outside plant contractors. Since it has better dielectric properties than most ropes, it is often used for throw line and hot line rope by tree trimmers, utility workers, and others who work near electrical wires. Hollow braid is a good tree guy line, and because it floats can be used as swimming pool lane marker rope. The rope also offers minimum stretch and good abrasion resistance.

SKU Description Approx.
Tensile Strength
Hollow Braid Poly Tree Rope
PR1/4 1/4″ x 1000′ 1250
PR3/8 3/8″ x 1000′ 2700
PR1/2 1/2″ x 1000′ 4200


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