Straw Blankets

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Straw Blankets


Straw Blankets are designed with interior fibers that are stabilized with exterior netting. Interiors are made from 100% weed free agricultural straw fibers. Exterior netting is made from photo-degradable polypropylene. Each blanket is manufactured to ensure a consistent thickness and distribution of fibers. This allows for excellent flexibility, moisture absorption and the ability to conform to the soil.

Bulk Straw Blankets

Single net blankets are ideal for erosion control in low level areas (slopes up to 3:1), low flows or mild stabilization requirements. Typically lasting up to 12 months, these blankets can provide the support you need until vegetation and seeding is able to effectively take root.

The Double Net Straw Erosion Control Blanket is a reliable choice for any area looking to stabilize banks, establish vegetation, or control erosion along banks, hills, rivers and streams. Standard mats feature photodegradable netting and interior straw fibers. Typical lifespan for these straw mats is anywhere from 12 to 24 months. These mats provide reinforcement in medium flow areas and slope stabilization on slopes in the 3:1 to 2:1 range.

SKU Size Netting Weight Square Yards
SB8112S 8′ x 112.5′ Single 50 lb 100
SB8550S 8′ x 550′ Single 488.88
SB16562S 16′ x 562′ Single 1000
SB8112D 8′ x 112.5′ Double 50 lb 100
SB8550D 8′ x 550′ Double 488.88
SB16562D 16′ x 562′ Double 1000

Straw Biodegradable Netting

SKU Size Netting Weight Square Yards
SB8112SB 8′ x 112.5′ Single 50 lb 100
SB8450SB 8′ x 450′ Single 400
SB16450SB 16′ x 450′ Single 800
SB8112DW 8′ x 112.5′ Double 50 lb 100
SB8450DW 8′ x 450′ Double 400
SB16450DW 16′ x 450′ Double 800

Coconut / Straw Coconut

SKU Size Netting Weight Square Yards
SB8112C 8′ x 112.5′ Double 100
SB8112SC 8′ x 112.5′ Double 100

Sod Staples

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