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Straw/Coconut Blankets

Made in the USAMade in USA


KEP-SC2 is a temporary rolled erosion control product composed of 70% agricultural wheat straw and 30% organic coconut fiber evenly distributed and mechanically stitch bonded on maximum two inch centers to a top and bottom netting. The choice in nettings are, 90 day photodegradable poly net (white), 12 month photodegradable poly net (green) and 90 day natural net which is 90 day biodegradable, (tan). Select the netting most suitable to fit your site conditions and maintenance needs.

All Cherokee Manufacturing blankets are proudly manufactured in the USA in accordance with our quality control program to ensure a uniform thickness of mulch.


  • Slope Stabilization
  • Soil Reinforcement
  • Support in Channels
  • Land Restoration Projects
  • Slope or Channel Erosion Control
  • Slopes up to 1.5:1
  • Medium flow channels
  • Bare ground seeding


  • Prevents soil erosion from rainfall impact
  • Prevents soil erosion from stormwater sheet flow
  • Prevents soil erosion from concentrated channel flow
  • Retains moisture in soil to enhance seed germination and vegetation growth
  • Available with a leno woven natural netting to prevent wildlife entanglement

KEP-SC2 & KEP-SC2 Natural are available in 4’, 8’, and 16’ wide rolls x 112.5’ or 562.5’.

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