Nursery Truck Tarps

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Nursery Truck Tarps


Cherokee tarps are constructed with reinforced edges and grommets placed every 2 ft for easy securing. Custom orders and sizes are available.

Mesh tarps are a great multi-purpose tarp made of a woven polypropylene material.

SKU Finished Size
SP6368 6 ft x 8 ft
SP63810 8 ft x 10 ft
SP631012 10 ft x 12 ft
SP631214 12  ft x 14 ft
SP631220 12  ft x 20 ft
SP631416 14  ft x 16 ft
SP631630 16  ft x 30 ft
SP631855 18  ft x 55 ft
SP632450 24  ft x 50 ft

Multi-Mesh or “MULE” tarps are recommended for most waste applications, tree hauling, landscape tarps and throw tarps. These are the strongest and heaviest tarps we make.

SKU Finished Size
TTMM810 8 ft x 10 ft
TTMM1012   10 ft x 12 ft
TTMM1214 12 ft x 14 ft
TTMM1220 12  ft x 20 ft
TTMM1655 16 ft x 55 ft

Rubber tie-downs are also available. 50 straps/box:

SKU Size
TIE DOWN-15 15″ overall length
TIE DOWN-21   21″ overall length
TIE DOWN 30″ overall length


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