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Tie Tape and Tapener

Tie Tape


An amazing time saver! One squeeze of the handle stretches the tape between the jaws ready to wrap around the stem and support. A second squeeze staples the tape firmly and cuts it off neatly. The tapener is then ready to continue tying. Easy-simple operation!

Item SKU Description
Max Tapener TT-MAX GUN HTB2 style
1/2″ Tie Tape TT1/2″” 1/2″ tie tape, .06 mil, 200 ft roll. 96 rolls per case
Tapener Blades TG-BLADE 3/package
Staples TG-STAPLES 5000/box
1″ Hand Tie Tape TT1″ .08 mil, 150 ft roll, 48 rolls per case


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